July 28, 2021
AC Efficiency in West Fargo, ND

Air conditioning costs are high during the hot summer months, and if you want to cut down on your energy bill, you need to figure out how to get the best use possible out of your air conditioning. There are a lot of ways that you can add extra heat to the house, and there are some ways that people commonly let heat in from outside. These tips are designed to help you maximize the benefits of your air conditioning system so that you can save on your energy costs while still enjoying a cool and comfortable home.

Use the Dehumidifier

Some older models might not have this feature, but many newer air conditioners give you the option of just turning the dehumidifier on. When we feel hot, many times it’s because there’s too much moisture in the air. If you take the moisture out of the air, it’s much more likely that you’ll feel cooler even without lowering the temperature. And if you’re only running the dehumidifier, you’re also saving on energy.

Invest in Zone Heating and Cooling

Some people think that closing off vents will help them save on cooling costs because they won’t have to send cool air to the spare bedroom that they don’t need. But the reality is that this can often lead to a less efficient system, and you might end up paying more for your energy in the long run. A better solution is to get a zone heating and cooling system so that your system knows where to send the cool air and which areas can be a bit warmer.

Seal the House

If you have the money, it can be worthwhile to invest in energy-efficient windows and doors in the long run. But if that’s not part of your plant for a couple of years, you can still keep a lot of heat out by investing in some simple weather stripping for the bottoms of the exterior doors and around the windows.

When it’s time to get the most out of the air conditioning in your West Fargo, ND, call Cass County Heating, Inc so that we can give our professional advice and service about your heating, air conditioning, solar, and air quality issues.

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