July 10, 2020

AC MaintenanceHaving your air conditioner in tip-top shape throughout the summer is critical to keeping your home cool and comfortable. It’s therefore important to take good care of the system, including making sure it receives annual maintenance from a licensed professional. Here’s why annual AC maintenance is beneficial.


Dirty air filters are an easy mistake to avoid. Dirty air filters can cause your AC unit to have a shorter life, consume more energy, and hinder airflow. The first step in AC maintenance is to always have clean air filters.

Refrigerant Leaks

One of the things AC technicians inspect during annual AC maintenance checks is refrigerant levels. Since an air conditioner is a sealed system, if the refrigerant is low it means there’s a leak somewhere. The technician will find and seal the leak before topping off the refrigerant.

Dirty Outdoor and Indoor Coils

If the outdoor coils are dirty, your AC system can’t cool your home properly. If the indoor coils are dirty, the system can “freeze up.” Both of these critical components are cleaned during annual maintenance.

Cass County Heating, Inc of West Fargo, ND, provides dependable AC maintenance service. The best time to contact us for this service is during the spring before you need your air conditioner for the summer.

Reduce Energy Use

A clean and maintained air conditioning system is efficient and keeps your energy bills down. A dirty system has to work harder and may cost up to 20% more to operate.

Increased AC Unit’s Lifespan

Annual maintenance is necessary if you want your air conditioner system to last as long as possible. Annual maintenance reduces wear and tear on parts. They last longer and work better together, which means greater energy-efficiency.

Cass County Heating, Inc installs, repairs, and performs tune-ups for air conditioners and furnaces in West Fargo. We can also help improve your home’s indoor air quality by installing an air purification system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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