April 12, 2021

Summertime in West Fargo, ND, is hot. You won’t need your gas furnace during this season, so you might wonder if you should just shut it off. Shutting down your furnace is a good decision for the summer. Doing this will save you money and lower wear and tear on the pilot and gas supply valve. Follow these steps to safely turn off your furnace.

Reset the Thermostat

Begin by updating your thermostat’s settings for summer. If it’s on “heat” or “auto,” switch it to “cool.” This setting means that your thermostat can only trigger the air conditioning system to turn on.

Cut the Gas Supply to the Pilot

Older furnaces use pilot lights that are always burning natural gas or propane. This means that the furnace always uses some fuel, even if it’s not heating your home. About $10 of natural gas or propane can be wasted each month from a pilot that’s always burning. If you’re not sure where the valve is, our technicians can help you locate it during a routine maintenance visit for your heating or air conditioning system.

Turn Off Power to the Furnace

The last step of shutting down your furnace is cutting its electrical power. Furnaces use electricity for sensors, safety systems, and powering the blower and fan. Some furnaces have a power switch. Locate it, and push it to the “off” position. Find your circuit breaker. Identify the circuit for your furnace. Most furnaces have their own circuit. Flip the breaker for the furnace to the “off” position. By cutting the furnace’s electrical power, you prevent it from drawing any energy.

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