June 21, 2021
Ideal Indoor Temperature in West Fargo, North Dakota

When the air temperature outside warms up fast, having a cooling unit inside your home is vital to staying comfortable. While you may want to turn your air conditioning system way down in the summer, you need to think about your energy bills. Finding an ideal balance between the two is an objective that almost every homeowner faces.

What Is the Ideal Setting?

The reality is that the ideal setting for any family’s thermostat is going to highly depend on their unique preferences. Some families enjoy a cool home of 74 degrees while others enjoy a higher indoor temperature of 79 degrees. The air conditioning experts ring in at 78 degrees.

This is the average temperature recommended for homeowners who are looking to stay comfortably cool without jack up their energy bill. It’s crucial to realize that you should only have your thermostat set at this temperature when you’re actually at home.

Optimizing Energy Usage When You’re Not Home

To help keep your energy costs down during the long summer months, it’s advisable to program your thermostat to increase the temperature when no one is home. Most of us follow a fairly similar schedule during the week. Sit down with your thermostat and program in the times that you’ll be home to 78 degrees.

When you aren’t home, you’ll want to program your thermostat to be 88 degrees. This higher temperature will allow your thermostat to cease running until you get back home. That is unless the indoor temperature goes extremely high. Then, having your thermostat set at 88 degrees will help to keep your home within a reasonable range.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your family’s comfort for your budget. Rather, you can keep your indoor air temperature at a comfortable level while practicing energy-efficient tips to keep your power bill low.

Dependable AC Service

Having a dependable AC service company in West Fargo, ND, that you can call on is a must. Cass County Heating, Inc provides installation, maintenance, and repairs for all heating and cooling units. We even offer assistance with indoor air quality control. Contact us today.

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